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We are proud to partner with Scratch Farms in Canby, Oregon for our whole chicken needs.

Scratch Farms was founded to provide the highest quality pastured, free range livestock that is produced in a manner that adheres to the highest quality ethical standards possible. We strive to make continual improvements to our management practices in order to ensure that our farm continues to lead in high quality, ethical live stock production

About our Products

We are the only free range, farm to market business in the state of Oregon; we deliver all of our products directly to our customers. This allows our customers to interact directly with the farmers who are raising their products! Free Range Poultry: Our poultry are the only “All Oregon” birds in the state! Hatched in Talent Or and fed an all local feed, our birds are truly unique and the best available! Raised in small groups to replicate natural small flocks and provided with dedicated indoor/outdoor pens, our birds have more than 10 times the space required by free range standards.

The freshness of these chickens is unsurpassed. Honestly, they are the nicest chickens I have ever used. We order one day, they slaughter the next and we receive the following day. We brine our birds with sugar, salt, spices and oranges. As we smoke them the outside becomes a beautiful caramel color and the meat is tender and moist.

Chef Diane features our birds with a White BBQ Sauce. Slightly tangy, spicy and creamy this sauce plays beautifully with the sweet smoke. It is a sauce exclusive to Northern Alabama, but is so perfect with the smoked chicken, we had to bring it West. Paired with our exceptionally fresh chicken, it is a true palate pleasure purveyer.

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